GM: The Hashshit
The extraterrestrial origins of the Hashshit are unknown, but many theorize that it was found along the trail of the 2011 post-Boston Marathon Fat Boy Trail. Ruling with an iron... well, everything, FRBs are bent to its will and made to carry it from one stop to the next; always moving to the most recent fastest idiot Hasher..

RA: McGillicuddy the Penguin
Though he shuns bathing in any form, you will want to cuddle him as you conduct his benevolent presence from one stop to the next. McGillicuddy arrived in a blaze of filthy, penguin glory during the very first B3H4 trail (Feb 5th, 2011). DFLs are mercifully permitted to carry his Buddha-like countenance after each stop, always spreading his love to the slowest of the pack. His magnificence comes with a terrible price, however- He may steal your beer.

Voice of the GM: Swedish Eagle
Swedish Eagle is the GM Hashshit's voice to the people. If you have any questions or would like to hare a trail you can find him at the various local kennels or send an email to BostonBallBuster@gmail.com.

+2 Coonass & Twat My Mom
These two buffoons think that they started this kennel, and offer the following SMS exchange as "proof":+2 Coonass: "I've rally [sic] been thinking about it, and I want in on the Boston Hardcore Hash; Saturday mornings. When do you want to get it going?" (sent Jan 21, 2011 at 0829)
Twat My Mom: "Great! Let's find a weekend in Feb. The 12th maybe?"B3H4 started on the 5th of February, 2011, so clearly, the preceding "proof" is all lies and obfuscation.