Trail #68 – Boudreaux of the ‘Burbs (a Cajun Ballbuster)

When: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 @1030HST

Hare: SeƱor Cocksucker

Bag Car: Sweagle and Little Black C*ck in my Pocket

What:This will be a cajun trail ( I believe the first cajun ballbuster trail). What does this mean? Every mark is a check (sorry/not sorry). However, unlike some of you r*cists, I don't believe in 15+ mile trails. In typical fashion, trail will be just slightly over the minimum mileage requirement and there will be more than three but less than five BCs, not including on-in (you're welcome).

Where: Pine Banks Park, Pine Banks Road, Malden (Orange Line-closest T)


How much: $3.00
Promises: A cajun trail. Multiple beer checks. A slight death march. Ponds. Electricity. A-B Trail (we will shuttle you back to start). Dogs. Horses. Rugby Players. The 'Burbs.

Bring: Drinking vessel, favorite 6 pack (or 12 pack), dry socks.

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