Trail #67 – Thar Be Dragons! (a Framingham Trail) September 17, 2016

When: Saturday, September 17, 2016 @ 1100EDT. (hares away at 1130EDT)

What: Trail #67, out in the midwest, along the Oregon trail

Hare: Too Short to Tuck

Where: Framingham, MA - Go West till you spot bigfoot, but not so far that you fall off of the edge of the world. Contact Shorty via email (Gmail) for the specific address (rmiller1976 at) 


Promises and Lies:  None. The hare does not want to be constrained by responsibilities and obligations.

Bring: $3, some tasty beers of your choice, bigfoot condoms, hobo perfume, a wildly optimistic world view, and a refusal to think about the ennui.

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