Trail 75 – North Shore Ballbuster

May 2017


Hared by Señor Cocksucker


Trail 74 – Marathon Ballbuster

April 2017

Hared by Sweagle


Trail #73 March ballbuster

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #73

When: Saturday, March 25th at 10.30AM

Where:  Danehy Park (Porter and Alewife T stops).

Hare: Foreskin Abortion

Hash Cash: A 6.9-pack of beer/cider/Four Loco/hard root beer/etc and $

Promises: 6.9 to 9.6 miles of smiles true-trail, probably the 6.9th funnest trail EVER, mixed terrain, no hills, highway crossings, 6.9 falses/check-backs (ok, not that many, REALLY), not getting hit by cars, zero mosquitoes, soooo many 6.9s.


Trail #72 A famintastic trail!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #71

When: Saturday, February 25th at 10.30AM

Where:  Commonwealth Ave and Hereford Street (Near Hynes T stop).

Hare: Orgasm Famine and PTSDD

Hash Cash: A 6-pack and $3

Promises: At least 6.9 miles but nothing crazy, all the hills, snowmelt, beer-mosas


Trail #70 – 6th Anal Turducken Trail!

What: It's time again for the most arduous and tricksome trail of the year- The 6th Anal Ballbuster Turducken Trail! As you all know, this trail will be long. Really long, full of terrible marks, void of all booze and merriment; Southern Baptist wedding's ain't got shit on this thing. However, we will be feeding you that most delicious and unholy of fowl, turducken!

When: Saturday December 3rd, 2016 @1200EDT

Where: Sligo Pub, Davis Square;237 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144

Hares: +2 Coonass, and Marbleous Asshole

Bring: ID, money for use at pubs (all locations but Sligo will accept cards, but cash is always easiest), a lack of dignity and restraint, probably some kind of bear mace.



Trail #69! <-The number says it all!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #69 Heeeeyooo!

When: Saturday, November 27th at 10.30AM

Where:  Paul Revere Park, the dog park north of TD garden.

Hare: Swedish Eagle

Bag car: Yes Please

Hash Cash: Bring your left over turkey flavored beer and stuffing nips! Hash cash for this trail is $5 as some special treats will be found on trail.



The 69th trail! I REPEAT: THE 69TH TRAIL! Does anything else even need to be said?
Well just come out and run off all that extra stuffing you acquired on thanksgiving during some uphill, downhill and  sidehill running through any urban shiggy that the hare can find.


Trail #68 – Boudreaux of the ‘Burbs (a Cajun Ballbuster)

When: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 @1030HST

Hare: Señor Cocksucker

Bag Car: Sweagle and Little Black C*ck in my Pocket

What:This will be a cajun trail ( I believe the first cajun ballbuster trail). What does this mean? Every mark is a check (sorry/not sorry). However, unlike some of you r*cists, I don't believe in 15+ mile trails. In typical fashion, trail will be just slightly over the minimum mileage requirement and there will be more than three but less than five BCs, not including on-in (you're welcome).

Where: Pine Banks Park, Pine Banks Road, Malden (Orange Line-closest T)


How much: $3.00
Promises: A cajun trail. Multiple beer checks. A slight death march. Ponds. Electricity. A-B Trail (we will shuttle you back to start). Dogs. Horses. Rugby Players. The 'Burbs.

Bring: Drinking vessel, favorite 6 pack (or 12 pack), dry socks.


Trail #67 – Thar Be Dragons! (a Framingham Trail) September 17, 2016

When: Saturday, September 17, 2016 @ 1100EDT. (hares away at 1130EDT)

What: Trail #67, out in the midwest, along the Oregon trail

Hare: Too Short to Tuck

Where: Framingham, MA - Go West till you spot bigfoot, but not so far that you fall off of the edge of the world. Contact Shorty via email (Gmail) for the specific address (rmiller1976 at) 


Promises and Lies:  None. The hare does not want to be constrained by responsibilities and obligations.

Bring: $3, some tasty beers of your choice, bigfoot condoms, hobo perfume, a wildly optimistic world view, and a refusal to think about the ennui.


Trail #66 – BreweryBuster Trail – Saturday, August 20th, 2016 @ 1030EDT

What: Brewery Buster Trail!

Where: Start will be marked from Broadway T on the Redline.
Googlemaps Link here


When: Saturday, 8/20 10:30HST

Who: +2 Coonass, Wikipedophilia

Bag Car: Not Dead Yet

How much: $3 for prelube (beer mosas!) and circle beer/orange food, it's advised to bring money on trail for the beer stops.


Trail #65 – A Ballbuster Trust Me Hash

When: July 15, 2016 - Sometime a few days later

Where: You'll Find Out (it was Martha's Vineyard)

Hare: Orgasm Famine

WHAT?? What, indeed.