Trail #64 – A Bridge Over the River, Kawaii!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #64

When: Saturday, June 18th at 10.30AM

Where:  Goose Poop Park



Hares: Blondie McFucksalot, PTSDouble-D, +2 Coonass

Bag Car: Hopefully! Could be you? (whom amongst you is injured?)

Hash Cash: BYO6-pack & $3


Lies, Politics, and other misbehavin': A poorly marked trail with no features. Entirely death marches, zero beer checks, negative tit checks, and all CB?s. ...There may be some drankin'. Mebbe.



Trail #63 – Something Someplace

Hare(s): No idea!


This is a place-marker so that we don't lose count of trails. Update the website with your trail data, people!




Trail #62 – Boston Marathon Weekend Fatboy

Hare: Swedish Eagle

Holy shit, we had a runner's option for a fatboy, and it was 6.9 miles.


Trail #61 Wild, wild Winchester

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #61

When: Saturday, March 19th at 10.30AM

Where:  Small park next to Winchester commuter rail stop.

Hare: Swedish Eagle

Bag car: I hope so

Hash Cash: BYO6-pack & $3 (Hash cash will be raised to $3 on standard because bananas, granola bars and beermosas definitely cost more than $10)


Downhills! , Uphills! Shiggy, non-shaggy, trail, pavement, nice neighborhoods, orange food, yellow food, brown food and a jolly good time!

Front runner should get about 10-11 miles, lazy wankers can get around with a bit less.


Trail #59 Lasagna!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #59

When: Saturday, Jan 16st at 10:30am

Where: Magazine Beach, 668 Memorial Dr, Cambridge

Hare: Blondie McFucksalot & MarbleousAsshole

Bag car: We wish

Hash Cash: BYO6-pack & $1 (though we will be accepting donations to offset the cost of food at the on-in).


We definitely scouted trail, wonderful weather, less than 13 miles to the first beer check, indoor never-before used on-in, a lasagna-off between both Marbles & Blondie


Trail #58 – 5th Anal Turducken Trail!

It's that time again! Time for 2015's best and only Ballbuster Turducken Trail!
Your hares this year are +2 Coonass (why does he keep coming back??) and Wikipedophilia; joining the ranks of illustrious prior Turducken hares.
What is a Turducken trail? A little history: In 2011, +2 got laid off and then hit by a car in the same week. 3 weeks later, he hared a trail with Balls Deep; we started at The Field, went to The People's Republik, back to The Field, returned to the Republik, back to The Field AGAIN, and then ONIN for beer and the eponymous turducken.
We're kicking it super old-school this year; for full effect, +2's just had abdominal surgery, so we are ensured to have an arduous, and truly miserably long trail.
Yes Virginia, we provide the Turducken; yes, there will be a veggie option at the ONIN as well. (Wiki pizza)

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 5th Anal Turducken Trail

When: Saturday December 5th @ 1130 EST
Where: Stoddard's Ale House; 48 Temple Pl, Boston, MA 02111
W-Hares: +2 Coonass & Wikipedophilia
Lies and Promises: A well-considered, well-marked, well-cooked, extremely long and hard trail; with absolutely no count-backs. The beer will be terrible, the food will be fowl (see what I did there?), you will not have a great time, Wiki definitely will not get lost.
What to Bring: $20 cash (or however much you want to bring- you buy your beer along the way; every pub this year will accept cards, but cash is fastest), cod liver oil, bear attractor (for Pi Alley), a lack of prudent discourse and bearing, a short treatise on late romantic period operas; monocle, top-hat, and carrier peasant optional.

Trail #55 Where you can get drunk without a car!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #55

When: Saturday, Nov 21st at 10:30am

Where: Boston Common (behind Earl of Sandwich).

Hare: Fellowship & Peepshow

Bag car: Little Spermaid

Hash Cash: $1, a six-pack of your favorite beer.


At least 6.9 miles before the first beer check!...
At least 6.9 MORE miles after that!
Beer checks I’ve never seen used!
An unscouted trail!
I may forget food!
Death marches!


Trail #53 Where you can get drunk without a car!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #53

When: Saturday, July 25th, at 10:30 AM.

Where: Harvard Yard, chalk marks from the Harvard T station.

Hare: Quer and Foaming & Blondey McFucksalo

Bag car: Just Kelly

Hash Cash: $1, a six-pack of your favorite beer + some pocket money for barcheck.


75 degree weather, beermosas, a very rare Mrs. Foamy appearance (or is it Mrs. InMyANus?), zig zags, planning and coordination, a truly inspired On-After, only the fastest hares.


Trail #52 Full on Falmen!

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #52

When: Saturday, June 20, at 10:30 AM.

Where: Greenway under the art installation near Dewey Square

Hare: Orgasm Famine

Beer mobile: Wiki is Lost

Hash Cash: $1, a six-pack of your favorite beer.


Ballbuster Saturday!!!! The weather looks amazing and trail is going to take you places you have never been before


Trail #51 The +2 Pretty Shart trail

What: Boston Ballbuster H4 trail #51

When: Saturday, May 16, at 10:30 AM.

Where: Assembly Square -- pre-lube will be marked from the T station.

Hare: +2 Coonass, Shart of Darkness, and Pretty Pretty Pittsburgh!

Beer mobile: Unknown 

Hash Cash: $1, a six-pack of your favorite beer, cash and IDs on trail ($8 or so ought to cover it)


Really pretty hares, perfect running temps, beermosas, hipsters, we might not be wearing the strangest attire in the crowd for once, music, outdoor drinking, orange food